D&T Info

Welcome to the hub for my D&T content!  As a teacher, I am always seeking to educate.  This section is a repository of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years by watching some of the greatest players pilot the deck, by discussing the deck with other pilots, and through my own play experiences. In particular, I’d like to thank Finn, creator of D&T, for allowing me to replicate and edit some of his content in various places across the website. If you are new to D&T, this should give you a huge push in the right direction for learning the deck.

As a word of caution though, some of this material is multiple years old. While most of the information is timeless, some of this still will be a bit out of date in terms of details.

Deck History
Building a Manabase
Creature Selection
Budget Versions
The Math of Splashing
Technical Info
Fetching Equipment
Flickerwisp Tricks
Why Am I Losing?
Recommended Reading