Generally speaking, the donation queue is played roughly in order of submission. I will occasionally play things out of order due to special circumstances (e.g. the release of a new set). Lists are removed from the queue when I record or stream with them; they will appear on Youtube a few days later. Check the schedule tab for the exact upcoming schedule!

PVDH- Legacy Mill
“Paper”- Painter
Lucas B- RW Aggro
Min H- Dealer’s Choice (any format)
Rogues- Alex B
Donny M- GW Enchantress
Peter K- Modern Lurrus Mill
Paul R- Raven Loam
Ben W- Madness
Jonathan S- Shortcake and Madness (need decklists, madness tier 2)
Sean D- Galvanic Wizards

In the future
Carth Nic Fit- Fineandandy
Face Off vs BoshnRoll- Nathan L and “Paper”
Dealer’s choice- Topdecked