Generally speaking, the donation queue is played roughly in order of submission. I will occasionally play things out of order due to special circumstances (e.g. the release of a new set). Lists are removed from the queue when I record or stream with them; they will appear on Youtube shortly thereafter.

Zac- Modern Coffers
9 Headed Hydra- Flames of Anor deck (see discord messages)
Ryan L- Minotaurs (maybe with the one ring?, must have boros battleshaper)
Simone- BR 8 Cycle Scam
Cody- The Rack
DragonDayDragon- Witherbloom Scam
Konstantin’s Mono Black

In the future 
Melissa- something WILD I’ve never played on the channel
Derek C- donation decklist in the future

Dealer’s Choice
Marcin K

Waiting for cards to be released
Brett S- tier 2, abdel adrian reanimator
Donald V- Smallpox (waiting on Attractions coming to MTGO, bookmarked decklist)
Brett- Tier 3 Abdel Reanimator (see email for list starting point)
Clemens- Ghyrson Starn and Bowmaster deck
Jacob P’s attractions