Generally speaking, the donation queue is played roughly in order of submission. I will occasionally play things out of order due to special circumstances (e.g. the release of a new set). Lists are removed from the queue when I record or stream with them; they will appear on Youtube shortly thereafter.

Matt H- 2x tier 1 donation decklists (undecided on what yet)
Nicholas S- 3x dealer’s choice donation decklists
Ian M- Dice Factory (tier 2, find list; bonus league if I get positive record)
Byron H- 2x spicy dealer’s choice
Toasty- UB rogues (tier 2)
Asumerian- Loam Pox
Damian G- Mono Black
Benjamin P- Poison (tier 2)
Espen- green rector

In the future 
“Phil Stream”- Fundraiser goal
RJ F- Tier 3 Marit Lage brew (see email)
The Reality Chip Guy- tier 2 Reality Chip decklist later on

Waiting for cards to be released
Sean D- Keruga Creative Technique (waiting on Creative Technique to be on MTGO, email after that)
Ellie- “Maverick but with Gitrog/Thalia” tier 3.¬† Not Rector.
Donald V- Smallpox (waiting on Attractions coming to MTGO, bookmarked decklist)