Generally speaking, the donation queue is played roughly in order of submission. I will occasionally play things out of order due to special circumstances (e.g. the release of a new set). Lists are removed from the queue when I record or stream with them; they will appear on Youtube shortly thereafter.

Austin M- Turbo Shadow
Musou- Mono Black Helm
Dakota- Izzet Delver “You Complain About It Every League”
Ryan T- Nameless Aristobeetles
Edward H- Painter deck of my choice
Ian S- Pauper Madness Burn
Shaun Q- Two tier 1 Pioneer decklists (pending email with lists)
Brian W- Dwarf Thopter Faeries

In the future
Sean D- Mystic Sanctuary Mulch (or contact them for new idea)
Jadecrusher- Umbral Mantle Brew (Emry, LED, Sai)