Generally speaking, the donation queue is played roughly in order of submission. I will occasionally play things out of order due to special circumstances (e.g. the release of a new set). Lists are removed from the queue when I record or stream with them; they will appear on Youtube shortly thereafter.

Ali- Nic Fit w/ Flare of Cultivation (build list)
Eddy- tier 3 mono blue martyr (add flare of negation)
Michael Levine- mono black goyf
Chris- Blue Stompy (list on Moxfield, may need edits)
Dragondaydragon- mono black knights (may need edits)
Keely- “12seize” on moxfield

In the futureĀ 
Owe Bill some tutoring
Avocado (2x leagues, pending cards arriving)

Dealer’s Choice

Waiting for cards to be released
Keen Duelist- Demonsnail (Patric S)