Donation Decklists

I am currently accepting donations for most Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, and Modern decks.

All donations to the website, Youtube channel, or stream can be made via this Paypal link. You can also just Paypal me via my email:

“Dealer’s Choice” Donation Decklist- $40 

Want me to select the deck and just “do my thing?”  A Dealer’s Choice donation decklist lets me find something spicy and test new cards for the channel.  This is THE best way to support my content.

Tier 1: Donation Decklist- $50

Want me to play one of your decks for my channel? I will! Please submit a link to your decklist with your donation; decklists in this tier should be ready-to-play as is.

The following decks are on the no-fly list and won’t be played.
Tedious click combos (Bomberman, Food Chain, Jeskai Ascendancy, Eggs / Second Sunrise)

Tier 2: Donation Decklist with Tuning- $60

As above, but I’ll adjust your decklist and make changes to fix the manabase and update the deck/sideboard for the current metagame.

Tier 3: Brewing- $80
Do you have a vague idea for a deck but don’t know how to make it work? Want to port your Modern deck to Legacy? Want to challenge me to build a deck around a certain card? That’s what this final tier is for! This tier is for something that would take me a significant amount of time to put together before the recording actually begins.  If you do a donation at this level, please send me an email ( with an explanation of your idea.