“I had very little experience piloting a D&T deck before I reached out to Phil for a tutoring session; I had even less experience with MTGO. I wasn’t sure what to expect from tutoring, but I left feeling exponentially more confident with the deck then I did prior. Phil was patient, thoughtful, and precise in his explanations. The most rewarding aspect, was that he didn’t just tell me what to do. Instead, Phil asked me what I would do in certain situations and then would explain why that particular decision was correct or have me consider the possibility of other lines of play. Being able to learn from someone with that much knowledge of the deck was invaluable. I highly recommend tutoring with Phil for anyone considering to be a D&T pilot or trying to hone their skills with the deck.” -Jonathan

Thraben University is now offering tutoring sessions! It is a university, after all, so it’s probably about time that I offer something resembling some real classes. If you’re interested in a one-on-one session with Phil “The Dean” Gallagher, read on!

Why are you offering tutoring sessions?
Though I regularly stream with D&T, I don’t necessarily have time to answer all of the questions I receive in chat in great detail. These tutoring sessions are a chance for you to get more in-depth answers and feedback from me.

What happens during a tutoring session?
That is entirely up to you. It’s my goal to give you a high-level, one-on-one experience that will help you learn how to pilot your deck at a higher level and help prepare you for your next big event. The emphasis of these sessions is learning and helping you improve as a Magic player. I want to teach you how to play better and show you how to think about plays with the mindset required to keep improving, even after the session ends.

Most commonly, this means connecting via Skype, sharing screens, and playing through a Legacy League on MTGO. During this process, I’ll help you break down plays, think about sideboarding, and figure out your approach for a matchup. I won’t necessarily be telling you “the right answer” all of the time; instead, I’ll be having a conversation with you that helps you to better analyze the situation and understand the consequences of certain lines of play and how they impact the game moving forward.

That being said, there are other directions the tutoring sessions can take. I can help you craft a sideboard guide for your specific 75 or tune your list for your local metagame. I can share my most up-to-date approaches on the deck, matchups, and sideboarding. I can help you practice the mirror and break down some of the very difficult decisions that tend to occur there.

How will I benefit from a tutoring session?
I’m in a bit of a unique position as a potential tutor: I’m both an expert at D&T AND a teacher by trade. That means that I’m well-versed in techniques for helping people learn. I’m used to breaking down situations and explaining things clearly and in an easy-to-understand way. In a session, it’s my goal to help you learn how to keep learning! I’ll show you the thought process required to keep improving.

How much does a tutoring session cost?
My general rate is $25 an hour. I recommend a one hour session if you just want to have a discussion (e.g. about matchups, sideboarding, or crafting a specific decklist) and a 2 hour session if you want to play matches and get feedback. Payment is made immediately before the session begins by sending money to philgallagher11@gmail.com via Paypal. Note that I don’t time these sessions to the minute or anything, so I’ll continue the session until we hit a reasonable stopping point (e.g. the end of a game or match, finishing up the current conversation).

When are you available and how do I book a session?
I am available during the week on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday beginning at ~7:00 PM Eastern time. I am available Saturday afternoons or evenings as well as a good portion of the day on Sunday. If you are interested in a tutoring session, please email me at philgallagher11@gmail.com so that we can set up a time and work out all of the details!