Recommended Reading

Enevoldsen’s D&T Guide

    This three-part series by Thomas Enevoldsen is invaluable for any D&T player. Even I learned a ton by reading it, and I’ve been playing this deck for years!  


Who’s the Beatdown?

    This classic article discusses the importance of determining your role in a given matchup and how failing to evaluate your role correctly may lead to your success or failure.  



   While not recommended reading per se, if you are looking to chat about D&T, this is another option. The invite code for our Discord server is EqTF7y5.  

   This site is another good place to chat with other D&T pilots. Response time is generally a bit slower here than on Discord.


    The IPG is the rules document used to make decisions about fixing situations and assigning penalties at competitive REL.  Understanding this document is vital to your success on the tournament scene, as you need to know when to appeal incorrect rulings.  

Beyond the Game

    BBD’s content is top notch. I highly recommend any of his articles on Magic fundamentals if you want to learn how to think about yourself as a player and accurately assess yourself and your abilities. Being Correct vs Being Right is another classic in my books.  

The Dynamics of Rishadan Port

   I sat down to write a Rishdan Port article, and due to connectivity issues, it was lost. Luckily for me, someone else decided to write one! If you are new to D&T, this will be a great read. Be warned, it is not brief.