Flickerwisp and You

To anyone just starting to play this deck: learn proper Flickerwisp gameplan. Once you “get” it, you’ll realize all the hype is real, whether using it as a clock or as the best insurance policy in Magic, in terms of pure value. -MtG:Salvation user SwordstoTimeshares

I thought that Flickerwisp was an unplayable pile of garbage when I first started playing this deck.  I frequently sideboarded out all four and I even cut them from the deck entirely at one point.  I was so incredibly stupid back then.  Flickerwisp is the card I am most frequently praying to rip off the top of my deck these days.  It can get you out of terrible situations that no other card can.  What follows is a list of common Flickerwisp tricks, but the list is by no means exhaustive.

  1. Vial it in to save Mangara of Corondor or Jotun Grunt from themselves.
  2. Hardcast it to “untap” one of your creatures after combat.
  3. Vial it in on your end step to blink out an opponent’s land for a turn, effectively acting as a Rishadan Port activation.
  4. Hardcast it targeting your own land to make it essentially only cost two mana.
  5. Hardcast it to remove a blocker.
  6. Vial it in to prevent an opposing creature from attacking for a turn or to invalidate an attack after they declare attackers.
  7. Vial it in to take out Counterbalance so you can cast a spell (Like, say, an Aether Vial…)
  8. Vial it in to counter a removal spell from your opponent.
  9. Vial it in to temporarily remove Standstill.
  10. Hardcast it to make a Phyrexian Dreadnought look silly.
  11. Hardcast it to remove all counters from permanents like Chalice of the Void, Engineered Explosives, or Endless One.
  12. Hardcast it targeting Stoneforge Mystic to get extra equipment.
  13. Hardcast it targeting another Flickerwisp to have the other Flickerwisp remove a permanent for the entire next turn.
  14. Vial it in to rescue your chump blocker.
  15. Hardcast it to switch your Phyrexian Revoker, Oblivion Ring, Runed Halo, or Leonin Relic-Warder from one target to another.
  16. Hardcast it to essentially take out a Mox Diamond or Chrome Mox.
  17. Hardcast it to get a new germ token by targeting an unequipped Batterskull.
  18. Use it to blink out an Ensnaring Bridge to get a chance to attack.
  19. Vial it in to destroy tokens (e.g. Marit Lage, opposing Germ tokens)
  20. Vial it in to reset the counters on your Aether Vial (useful against Miracles if your hand is full of two drops).
  21. Use it to reset your Cavern of Souls.
  22. Use it to reset the loyalty of a Planeswalker to its starting value.
  23. Use it to “unflip” a Delver of Secrets or other flip card back to its front side.
  24. Use it on an opposing creature in response to a pump spell for huge value (Mostly in the Infect matchup).
  25. Vial it in at the end step to dance around beginning of the upkeep triggers (e.g. Sulfuric Vortex)
  26. Vial it in to abuse the hell out of Oblivion Ring, Journey to Nowhere, Leonin Relic-Warder, or similar cards.  See the Mangara Lock page for details.
  27. Hardcast it with a Containment Priest in play to exile a creature permanently.
  28. Combine it with Eldrazi Displacer or Restoration Angel for maximum trickery.
  29. Use it to change the number you’ve chosen with Sanctum Prelate.
  30. Combine it with Recruiter of the Guard to tutor up an entire army by repeatedly flickering the Recruiter and fetching another Flickerwisp.