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In my mind, one of the greatest things about Legacy is that you can basically play whatever you want as long as it is powerful. There are plenty of powerful cards out there that often get overshadowed by slightly more degenerate cards, but these cards are certainly powerful in their own right. I’m hoping to highlight some of these cards during the first ThrabenU Brewing Contest. I have selected five cards, one for each color:

Anje’s Ravager
Ominous Seas
Myth Realized
Shifting Ceratops

I’d like to do a stream featuring each one of these cards, and I invite you all to submit a decklist featuring one of those cards. If you’re really into brewing, you could even submit a decklist for each one! I’ll be taking submissions until midnight on June 12th. At that point I’ll sift through the decklists and select one for each card (heads up to subscribers, I may ask for some help via Discord!). In the second half of June, I’ll be showcasing decklists from the brewing challenge on stream. My hope is that this both provides some interesting and entertaining content for people while also encouraging people to have some fun exploring the brewing side of Legacy, which is often ignored and underappreciated.

If you are interstering in submitting a decklist for the brewing contest, here’s the link to the Google Form to do so! Good luck and happy brewing!

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