The State of Thraben University

Well, it has been a pretty wild week for the site. During the first twenty four hours, Thraben University had over 7000 unique visitors, far surpassing my initial hopes and expectations. Due to that high initial traffic, the site went down a few times. Things seem to have stabilized, and traffic has leveled out a bit, so I do not expect the site to crash frequently in the future.

I intend to start pushing out one new article, matchup analysis, or substantial post per week beginning about two weeks from now. I’m currently at Randolph-Macon College for a summer job, and I’m having significant internet connectivity issues that may or may not be resolved in a timely fashion. When I can’t access my website, it does make content creation a touch trickier! I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep, and I actually had to get a friend to upload this post for me (Thanks, Kerry, you’ve had my back at every turn of this venture). I’ll be back in Roanoke on the 17th, and regular updates will follow after that time. By popular demand, I will likely start with the Shardless BUG matchup.

I would like to thank all of you for your kind words and supportive comments. The overall perception of and reaction to the site was very positive, and I’ve had at least a dozen people contact me in one way or another to offer advice or help. In particular, I’d like to thank Henk van den Hunk for the site’s first donation (if you are reading this, look forward to an email from me once I return to Roanoke). More generally, I’d like to thank the various Reddit users who kindly messaged me whenever my website crashed during the launch of the website and gave me wonderful ideas for future posts.

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