D&T Mulligan Survey, Updated Red Splash Primer, and Site Updates

Things are booming over here at Thraben University, and I’m excited to announce some incoming changes to the site. I recently updated my donation page, and something truly astounding happened once I did. A donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) contributed a sizable about of money to the site in order to support my efforts and fund more content. I’m not going to share the number publicly, but it was enough that I cried tears of joy, and I’m not a particularly emotional person. It was a validation of the work I’ve put into the site thus far and it rekindled my passion for this site brighter than ever. As a result, there’s a ton of new content coming, and I wanted to publicly announce that today.

I now have a Coming Soon page which shows all of my current projects and things on my bucket list. I’ve already made a few changes to the site and my stream, and many more have been planned. Most notably, the Red Splash page has been completely redone; the old version hadn’t be touched in like two years and was in drastic need of a facelift. There’s a ton of info on interesting interactions with Magus of the Moon and a good deal of strategic advice about sequencing your land drops and sideboarding. You can also expect to see me streaming a bit more than the usual Monday and Wednesday nights, as donations have bribed encouraged me to stream more.

The D&T Facebook group recently went through about a bazillion posts about keeping and mulliganing opening hands. I was very surprised at both the hands that people were keeping and the hands that people were questioning. Well, that was my hint that it was time to do a big piece of content on mulligans. I’m not just going to give to you the definitive answer, I want you to play along and experience the process!

Here’s what’s going on. I’ve created a Google Form with 15 different opening hands and scenarios. It’s your job to rate the hands, and if you’d like, provide an explanation for your ranking. I’m going to collect data from people for the next ten days (until 3/11/18), and once the data is in, I’ll analyze it and compare my own take on the hand to those of the various D&T pilots from around the world.

This link will take you to the survey and the survey is also embedded below. I hope you’ll consider taking it when you have a few minutes!

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