This Week in D&T #2

Hey folks,

It’s GP time! There’s been a ton of great D&T content put out in the last week, so I just wanted to quickly highlight a few things.

First up is Marcio Carvalho’s tournament report from PT25A. He breaks down some of his deckbuilding choices and even admits that he made some mistakes in building his deck! He then provides a sideboarding guide for “the decklist he should have played.” Be warned that I disagree with many of the sideboarding decisions presented here, but either way, it’s interesting to see how he is approaching each matchup.

Next up is a podcast featuring PT25A winner Allen Wu! Top Down Legacy is a relatively new podcast hosted by Cyrus Corman-Gill (aka CyrusCG) and Eric Vergo. I haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet, but you can bet I’ll be playing it on the way to GP:Richmond. Here’s the link to all of their episodes, as the first three have been pretty great.

Next up we have a match of the Legacy Premier League! Vincent Chandler (aka PleasantKenobi) takes on Caleb Durward. It’s a D&T vs Steel Stompy slugfest with commentary by Rudy Bricksza and me. There are some interesting choices here that are worth examining. Check it out here.

Finally AJ Sacher did an amazing breakdown of one of the PT25A matches: Marcio Carvalho vs Josh Utter-Leyton. His analysis of the match is stellar, and even I learned some things by watching it! The production value of this content is also very high, and he did a great job of diagramming things on screen and visually showing off various options. I’m really looking forward to watching another video like this one! Check it out here.

Good luck to all of those playing in GP:Richmond!

-Phil Gallagher

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