This site is a project that I undertook for the good of the D&T community as a whole.  I still have a considerable amount more that I want to do with the site, including writing more matchup primers, creating more detailed strategic pages, and expanding my streaming/video content.  If you would like to support my endeavors, feel free to donate. If you’d like, you can send donations to as a friends and family transfer (this way I get the full amount). Otherwise you can click the button below.

Your donations will directly help me produce content for Thraben University. Here are some things that I’ll be willing to do as thanks for your support:

Any donation: I’ll thank you during my next stream. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know.

$12 donation: I’ll do another week of Daily D&T content for Youtube. You can also pay this in MTGO tix!

$12 donation: I’ll stream a Legacy league with a decklist of your choice. You can also pay this in MTGO tix!

$20 donation: I’ll write up a matchup primer for a deck of your choice.

Other donations: If you have something you’d like to see on Thraben University and you’re willing to bankroll its production, please email me at

Donation Decklist Stipulations
I’ll accept just about any donation decklist with the following exceptions:
1. I do not accept decklists that will result in a poor streaming experience for my viewers.
2. I do not accept decklists that have *excessively* slow combo off turns. Infinite combos are fine, but if it will take me 10 minutes to go off…it’s just not entertaining to watch.

Donation/Stream Goals
For every three donation decklists I play, I’ll do something a little special for the community as a result. The Donation Queue tab under Additional Information will always have those details.