Generally speaking, the donation queue is played from top to bottom. I will occasionally play things out of order due to special circumstances.

Queue (last updated 3/28)
White Eldrazi- Kevin B
5 Color Loam- stream goal
Patrick S- “unplayable chunderbucket pile”
Simone S- Obedient Regisaur
Catfit- fineandandy
Enchantress (my choice of list)- anonymous
Dealer’s Choice- anonymous
Enchantress- Cale M
Primeval Titan Deck- Michael H
RW Prison- Ian B
Last Rites- Ari W

Other Things on the Horizon
Stream with Rich Shay (Saturday, April 4th- noonish)
Stream with Daryl Ayers (needs to be rescheduled)
Chalice emote incoming!

Thursday streams supported via sub goals:

Daily D&T Support