My Services

All donations to the website, Youtube channel, or stream can be made via this Paypal link. You can also just Paypal me via my email:

Primary Services

Stream with a Decklist
$15 (alternative payment: 15 tix or 7 Chests)- Normal Legacy deck submissions
$20 (alternative payment: 20 tix or 10 chests)- Brews and decks that will likely lose most of their matches (e.g. Pox)

Want me to stream with one of your decks on Twitch? I will! After donating, your deck is placed in the queue and played in order of submission. Streams for fall of 2020 are planned for Wednesday at ~6:30 PM EST and Saturday mornings after breakfast (~9:00 AM EST, but slightly more variable). I’m ThrabenU on Twitch, and Here’s the link to my stream.

The following decks are on the no-fly list and won’t be played on stream.
Food Chain
Esper Vial

Monster Train Runs
$10 (alternative payment: 10 tix or 5 chests)

Interested in seeing me play with a specific clan combination, custom modifier set, or tackle a specific challenge? I’m in! Donation runs are played on the next Monster Train stream and uploaded on Youtube in the next available daily Monster Train slot (assume this will be about one week from the donation since I usually upload videos a week in advance).

Other Services

Video Primer
$20 donation produces a video primer (approximately 1 hour of content)

Trying to pick up a new Legacy deck can be overwhelming. Let me do some of the leg work for you! I’ll look at different decklists in the archetype and compare the strengths and weakness of each one. I’ll also talk about things like sideboarding, matchup approaches, manabase construction, metagame placement, important rules intactions, etc. Here is an example primer I did for 12 Post.

Individual Tutoring Sessions
$20/hour for generic things (sideboarding, mulligans, matchup approaches, metagaming, deck tuning, etc)
$50 for a league

It’s my goal to give you a high-level, one-on-one experience that will help you learn how to pilot your deck at a higher level and/or help prepare you for your next big event. The emphasis of these sessions is learning and helping you improve as a Magic player. I want to teach you how to play better and show you how to think about plays with the mindset required to keep improving, even after the session ends. While you might known me as a Magic player, keep in mind I am a teacher too! Here’s what one of my previous clients said after their session:

“I had very little experience piloting a D&T deck before I reached out to Phil for a tutoring session; I had even less experience with MTGO. I wasn’t sure what to expect from tutoring, but I left feeling exponentially more confident with the deck then I did prior. Phil was patient, thoughtful, and precise in his explanations. The most rewarding aspect, was that he didn’t just tell me what to do. Instead, Phil asked me what I would do in certain situations and then would explain why that particular decision was correct or have me consider the possibility of other lines of play. Being able to learn from someone with that much knowledge of the deck was invaluable. I highly recommend tutoring with Phil for anyone considering to be a D&T pilot or trying to hone their skills with the deck.” -Jonathan

Other Things
If you have some other thing that you want to bribe me to do, please send me an email at to discuss them and we can discuss a rate. Keep in mind that written content takes significantly longer to make than video content, so most articles would probably be looking at a $100 donation to fund them.