My EDH Decks

The following are my active EDH / cEDH decks:

Xantcha, Sleeper Agent- Medium Power Casual
This is a Rakdos politics deck. I’m looking to drop Xantcha and have my opponents deal damage to each other for the majority of the game. When the game goes long, I have some powerful dragons and X cost spells that can end the game. My primary win condition is just bleeding out the final player with Xantcha activations and big mana. Despite having some high powered cards like Mana Crypt, the deck is very tame and is appropriate for just about any table. This is my default deck to play on streams and games with strangers.

Preston the Vanisher- High Power Casual
This deck plays fair blink and etb cards for the first few turns of the game, but very quickly turns the corner once I get to untap with a Preston. The deck is capable of completing The Undercity in a single turn, and has a few different cards that can go infinite. The deck is not optimized high power casual (e.g. no Mana Crypt), but is very strong and will go wild if not interacted with appropriately. This deck makes commons and uncommons look very strong. This is my deck of choice for a game of EDH when I feel like the table really came to game.

Thalia and the Gitrog Monster- Medium Power Casual
This is an Abzan landfall deck. I’m looking to play lots of land and get sick value for them via various “lands-matter cards” and graveyard recursion. This deck is currently proxied and in the playtesting stages and will likely change significantly as I get more games. My initial impression is that this deck is very slow to get off the ground and a bit inconsistent, but does some impressive things when things line up correctly.

Winota, Joiner of Forces- cEDH
This deck does Winota things and wins games. I am happy with the list, but I do not think this is 100% optimized as I don’t have enough reps with the list. I am looking forward to competitively tuning this over the summer.