This page is a work in progress. To suggest materials for this page, either tweet @ThrabenU or email me directly at philgallagher11@gmail.com.

Introductory Videos
Competitive Commander For Beginners by Rebell Son- ~6 min intro to the mindset of the format
What is cEDH? playlist by Playing With Power MTG- ~40 mins total, introduces format, deck types, card evaluation, etc.

Written Resources
cedh.guide– Introduces philosophy, decks, and other basics
Competitive EDH Decklist Database– Collection of decklists, primers, and Discord servers for the format.
The Evolution of Legendary Creature Design by Travis Norman- Introduces “eras” of Commanders
cEDH Subreddit

The Miscast– Drake Sasser and Mikey Holohan talk about news/brews/strategy
The Mind Sculptors– Strategy, decks, and everything else cEDH
IntotheNorth– Toronto-based bimonth cEDH podcast

Example Gameplay Channels
Playing with Power MTG
The Spike Feeders
Play to Win

Resources for Webcam Games
How to Play Paper Magic over Webcam by Gavin Verhey- literal 1 minute video intro to webcam magic
A Guide to Playing Commander Online with Spelltable by Tolarian Community College- 15 minute video intro
Spelltable– WotC’s “Remote Magic made easy” program
Getting Set Up for Paper Magic Online by Kristen Gregory- brief article with example webcam setups